The Oregon Dunes

August 1982

The Oregon Dunes are located on the coast between Florence and Reedsport; some 36 miles of coastline; about 31,500 acres of land. The Dunes are a living thing, constantly shifting and changing due to the ever present off shore breezes.

In 1982, I took a leisurely road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway (101) which meant that I had to drive past the Dunes. But if you don't have a 'dune buggy', access is very limited. So on the way back home, I stopped by this place that advertised dune buggy rides. Their dune buggies were actually retired army 2 1/2 ton trucks, with benches on both sides and open to the air. They would take a group of people for a slow ride through the dunes, stopping occasionally to lecture about the Dunes. I spoke with the manager, and worked out a deal where I paid for a ride, but would get off the truck whenever I wanted, and make my pictures, then walk back to the 'trail' and hitch hike the next truck that came by. A very satisfactory arrangement!